Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Day I Rediscovered The Internet

The Internet and I have not been as close as we used to be. I know that some of you who may read this blog might suspect that statement false, but I assure you it is not. I used to be online constantly, for a whole array of things. Facebook has now become a dominating force, almost to the point of spoiling my enjoyment of the Web altogether.

It took a sinus infection for me to finally leap over the great divide that had been seperating the Internet and I. The boredom with my DVR full to the brim with old Conan O'Brien and episodes of The Simpsons I've seen countless times lead me to my reimmersion. I was suddenly reading articles on, listening to Baroness on myspace, and here - blogging. I even wandered around my work's website, and read my execture chef's blog.

Part of me is glad for being ill - the other part of me's torso hurts from all the coughing, but - I had forgotten how much there was to do here until I was forced into sollitary confinement by this damned infection. I feel reconnected with an old friend, and will now finally have some use for this big old piece of shit computer taking up half of my apartment.

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