Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm doing something I haven't done in a year: holding onto money. And what was I doing last year? Moving. I'm moving in with my friend Carlos. But his lease isn't up until the end of October, mine at the end of September. So, I have to put my whole apartment worth of shit into storage and move in with my sister and her husband for a month. Did I mention they just got married last month? Ugh. I have miraculously saved the money for the movers and storage, have a paycheck coming in a week for the deposit on the new place (still working on finding it) and paying my sister for her generosity, and two more paychecks and a security deposit coming in before I step foot into my new place.

Why is it that in crunch time I seem to be super responsible, and then at all other times throw caution and planning to the wind? At least I'm capable of being responsible. I probably couldn't say that three years ago. I was only employed fifty percent of the time, and I was living in my mother's apartment in Dexter, MI.

But to continue this string of responsibility, I have to take it beyond moving. I have headshots to obtain, and an agency to be signed by. I need to get acting work. I need a new computer. I need to go on an awesome vacation. And most importantly, I need to save for the biggest change in my life... my move to LA. If I can continue this trend of careful spending and meticulous planning, I could be living comfortably in a nice apartment in LA, with a car, a job, and an agent in two years.

Wish me luck.

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Vanessa said...

hello. I may be coming to the windy city the october 4-6th. Will you be around? and responsible enough to remember which weekend i'm going to be in town? so we can go out at least one night? (or day?)