Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why don't people just give me money? I'm awesome!

I am in quite the predicament, at present. I have no job. I have not had a job for a month and a half, now. I am going on a road trip for about 8 or 9 days (leaving today). I am moving out in September (which means I need to get together around $1000 dollars by Sept. 1). Unlike in the past when I would just give up, and bail out of the lease, I'm not doing that. I may go back to canvassing (door-to-door fundraising for environment), who knows. But I will take any job, and possibly multiple jobs to make this work. I am going to be responsible, and do whatever it takes to get this money and to make rent (and hopefully still save a little for LA).

Outside of this, my life is pretty good. I did a lot of drinking last week, which was nice. I've been hanging out with friends, reading occasionally, working out from time to time. I quit smoking! Well, mostly. Outside of money and work, life is great. And I'm really excited for this trip.

Everyone have fun while I'm gone, but not too much. I'll see you in 9 days.


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